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Step into a deeper relationship with God as you follow an ancient path on a prayerful journey from Winchester to Canterbury. It’s a chance to pray for your persecuted church family and raise money to bless your brothers and sisters – many of whom have had to flee their homes and walk many miles to a place of safety. In northern Nigeria, for example, every year Christians flee their homes to avoid militant Fulani herdsmen who may kill or maim them. In Colombia, Christians that stand up to criminal gangs may have to flee to avoid abduction, extortion or even death. And then there are the millions of refugees who fled Syria and Iraq a few years ago to escape war and Islamic extremism.

How you complete your pilgrimage is up to you. Do the whole route in two weeks, or spread the journey over several weekends. Walk in solitude or get a group together. You could even do a relay!

However you decide to do your pilgrimage, we want to support you all the way – which is why we’ve created a free Pilgrimage pack, which includes useful information that you'll need to plan your journey, fundraising ideas to help you raise support and a series of daily reflections to help you pray, deepen your understanding of the persecuted church and encourage you on your journey.

Already doing a pilgrimage?

We’d love to hear about it and pray for you as you walk! Tell us about it using the online form below.

We also recommend using a guidebook called Walking the Pilgrim's Way: To Canterbury from Winchester and London by Leigh Hatts for planning the specifics of your route and booking accommodation. We have a few copies we can lend to you for the duration of your pilgrimage – if you would like to borrow one, please email us.

“I would say ‘do it!’ we are all pilgrims on this earth and it’s a wonderful thing to walk and walk and walk. I would love to do it again! I truly enjoyed it!” Koffi, Pilgrim

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