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14 July 2020

How one Open Doors supporter got creative to raise money

In a guest post, Vick, one of Open Doors’ activists, shares how she has used her gifts to raise money for Christians who are the last in line for Covid-19 food and aid.

“How can I help our persecuted family during this horrific time?” I asked myself a couple of weeks ago. 


I knew I couldn't help financially as I’ve been furloughed for the unseeable future. I knew three other things: I love creating art (my degree would tell you so), I had a lot of time on my hands which I've never experienced before and, thirdly, I always want to help. So I pondered and prayed for some time whether creating/selling my art would be a beneficial way of fundraising – if I should sell the art for my own financial gain or whether anyone would want to buy my art to begin with! 

Everyone I spoke to, both within Open Doors and outside, encouraged me to sell my art, whether that be for myself or for a charity so dear to my heart. After some time, I came to the conclusion that I had a big issue with raising money for my own gain. I didn’t need anything more; surprisingly my life is perfectly fine without my favourite Chinese food each week or the newest jumper from ASOS.

Supporting the last in line

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but for my own spiritual journey I've been really challenged to give rather than receive. Persecuted Christians’ need for money is a lot greater than mine: many no longer have any source of income and can’t buy food, and are then disregarded when official aid is being distributed throughout their communities, simply because of their faith. So instead of buying some new clothes or a McDonalds (when I have food already in the fridge), I’ve decided to donate my time and fundraise. Referring to my earlier question - how can I help our family? I’ve decided to create art to help fundraise for Open Doors’ Covid-19 appeal.

Our time here on earth is very precious and I want to use my time to help others that are not as privileged as me. I can love God, own several Bibles, preach on the streets and attend church. One in eight Christians around the world can’t do this, so I’m fundraising for the person that longs to read the Bible, or the ones in prison or those starving for the faith. Even through this, we all share God’s continuous love and should always try to help each other as best we can. I'm simply sacrificing some time (and doing something I love) to help God’s people. 

What could you do? I encourage you to either donate your time or money and, most importantly, pray without ceasing for our family across the world… Open Doors is able to reach some of those affected, but much more needs to be achieved to help all; they cannot and shouldn’t struggle alone. 

"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” - Hebrews 13:16

You can see more of Vick’s art on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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