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26 June 2020

Why are Indian Christians last in line for aid?

In this interview with Heena, an Open Doors partner in India, she explains why persecuted Christians are often last in line for vital aid (and how your support is helping).

A pandemic and its aftermath don’t happen in a vacuum. In many countries, discrimination in aid distribution is another method of persecution. We spoke to Heena*, an Open Doors partner working in India, to find out what sorts of discrimination they were hearing about.


Usha's small Christian community hadn't received food until Open Doors partners came

Is it true that Christians are being neglected in the aid distribution?

Heena*: Yes. Imagine you’re a Christian family in a Hindu village. It’s very likely the villagers are socially boycotting you. Even when there isn’t lockdown, you’re not allowed to buy from the local shop or draw water from the local well. You will have to try to get food and other daily necessities from nearby Christians or go to villages where the opposition against Christians isn’t so strong.

Every £28
could provide and deliver emergency aid for two persecuted believers impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

But now your village is in lockdown. You’ve lost your income. Aid is being distributed to the local shop or the local village committee and they won’t give you the food, not even when you have a food ration coupon.

Why can’t the Christians go to the police?

Heena: The chances are that police won’t listen to you if you’re a Christian. They might accuse you of trying to convert Hindus – or, even if they don’t persecute you, they’ll simply tell you to make compromises. ‘You have to stay in this village and live with the other villagers. Don’t follow Jesus. Just do what everybody else does.’

Do you have examples of Christians being bypassed?

Heena: We know of so many, but here are a few we can share. We have to withhold certain details to not give away the identity of these Christians, or else they will be punished for sharing the information with us. Recently I heard of a family of labourers who’d lost their income who didn’t receive help from the local village committee. The Hindus said the Christians already received help from foreigners, which they hadn’t.

"The chances are that police won’t listen to you if you’re a Christian." Heena

A disabled Christian man and his family of six were also bypassed. He can’t even walk, but still the local people aren’t giving him and his family any food. They have been opposed by the village since they came to faith.

We also received a cry for help from a family of five. The police have been threatening them a lot because they are Christians and do ministry. Now everyone in their village received relief aid, except for the Christian families. These are just some examples out of many. In some cases, we have been able to help. In others, we’re still hoping to reach them soon.

*Name changed for security reasons

Please pray
  • For God’s protection for Christians who are being denied essential food and aid
  • For protection for Open Doors partners, and that they would be able to reach those most in need, at the right time
  • That those who persecuted Indian Christians would be convicted of their sin and turn to salvation in Christ.
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