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28 July 2020

“You filled our kitchen with food”: 900+ Christian families in Nepal reached with vital aid

Thanks to Open Doors supporters, hundreds of Nepalese families have received crucial food and aid. Thank you so much!

“We hadn’t got any support from anywhere. My family was falling short of food and I was struggling to feed my children. I appreciate this team who came with love and compassion, and filled our kitchen with food. They encouraged us and prayed for us. I want to thank the supporters from my heart. God’s blessings on all of you.”

Vishal, Nepal

Vishal* and his family

These are words of Geeta*, the mother of one of the 900 families in Nepal who have been supported by Open Doors local partners during the Covid-19 crisis, thanks to your prayers and support.

The lockdown began on 24 March 2020, hitting the economy of Nepal hard. The majority of Nepal’s population live in rural areas, sometimes not even connected to a proper road, and most people work in agriculture. Many labourers and other workers lost their jobs during the lockdowns. With no opportunities for daily labour work, it has been very difficult for them to survive and provide for the basic needs of their families. 

Persecution doesn’t stop

For many Christians families, the difficulties of this crisis come on top of the persecution they already face. Hiren*, a local Open Doors partner, shares: “In most areas, people are socially boycotted the moment they choose to convert to Christianity. They are not allowed access to public facilities, such as wells, and are denied job opportunities and are socially isolated. 

“They had not received any support from anywhere and lacked food and basic necessities.” Hiren*, Open Doors partner

“Most of the rural population is very poor and Christians from such communities become poorer. Such Christians were the main people suffering during the earliest phase of lockdown.”

Open Doors partners in Nepal, like Hiren, already know networks of Christians – and spent this time urgently identifying and meeting more, working with local churches. “We came to know of many poor, marginalised Christian labourers, starving and in desperate need of help and assistance,” says Hiren. “They had not received any support from anywhere and lacked food and basic necessities.”

“We were worrying about how we could survive”

Every £28
could provide and deliver emergency aid for two persecuted believers impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

“I and my family are so glad to receive help during this pandemic,” says Preeta*. “We were worrying about how we could survive, as our resources were running out day by day. But God provided for us at the right time! My family is grateful and will always remember to pray for the partners and supporters.”

To meet the urgent need for food and basic essentials, Open Doors partners began delivering food aid, including rice, lentils, spices, oil, and snacks, as well as hygiene essentials. A food pack was enough to help a family of four to survive for almost a month. 

“Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, my husband lost his job and we were going through a very difficult time,” says Soni*, the mother of one of the families helped. “The relief materials are a great support for us in our difficult time. May God bless you all in your ministry and enable you to reach out to many others in future. I want to thank all of you for the timely support.”

"May God bless you all in your ministry and enable you to reach out to many others in future." Soni*

Thanks to your giving and praying, more than 900 families have already benefitted from this relief project, and there are many more to reach.

Courageously going

Hiren shares, “It was really challenging for us, as some parts of the region were closed by the local administration due to an increase in Covid-19 cases and we had to wait for a few days. Though we were at risk of the virus, by the grace of God and with the best protective gear, we were able to distribute relief aid without any hitches.”

There may be a risk, but Hiren feels well rewarded by seeing the joy as people receive the food and aid they have been so desperately needing: “It was stirring to see the response and positive reaction after families received the relief materials. They were filled with gratitude and joy as they were able to have adequate food items for the family with the help of the Open Doors partners. The smiles on their faces revealed their joy.”

“They were able to see the love of Christ”

Hiren knows that this is how Jesus’ love is shown: “They testified that they were able to see the love of Christ very clearly and that they were also encouraged to seek the Lord and to spend the valuable time with the Lord. The transformation in the lives of people through the little help and support we provided was incredible.”

Every £56
could provide and deliver emergency aid for a family of persecuted believers impacted by the Covid-19 crisis

“We praise and honour God for all this provision at the time of our need through the team, risking their lives and providing food to us,” says Vishal*, father of two (pictured with his family, above).

Raghu*, another Christian who was helped, adds: “I am so gratified to our Lord and to the supporters who provided us with this much blessing in this tough situation. Still, there are many more areas where there are people like my family who need this type of blessing. I believe and pray that the team will reach all the needy people and encourage them with the love of Christ.”

*Names changed for security reasons

Please pray

Praise God that Open Doors local partners have been able to reach so many families with vital aid. Pray that God will continue to work through them, giving them wisdom, strength and protection, and helping them to reach the families who are most in need.

Please speak out

Raise the issue of Christians who are last in line for Covid-19 food and aid. Post a photo on social media of yourself with an empty plate and a cross - however you want to interpret that. Tag @opendoorsuk, your MP and #TheLastInLine.


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