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World Watch ranking: 32
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Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli

How Many Christians?
1.3 million (4.3%)

Main Threats
  • Anti-Christian violence
  • Community ostracism
  • Legal obstruction

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How many Christians are there in Nepal?

There are 1.3 million Christians in Nepal from a population of just under 30 million. That’s about 4.3 per cent – but the number of believers is growing fast!

Why are Christians persecuted in Nepal?

Many see Hinduism as inherently Nepalese, and leaving the faith of their ancestors means converts to Christianity face the most opposition from family, community and local authorities. Extremist Hindu groups aim to turn Nepal into a Hindu state again, and churches and hospitals have been attacked. These attacks are mostly done with impunity.

Meet Komal

“My faith increased and I realised even more that we should never leave God, even if we have to go through the deeper valleys of hardships.” Komal, Nepal

What’s life like for Christians in Nepal?

Komal is one of many Nepalese Christians who has faced intense ostracism by her community because of her faith: “We were socially boycotted in our community and everybody cut off all ties with us.” She and her family were also denied the rights to their inheritance, and she lost all financial support when her husband died. Christians in villages like hers are often discriminated against in the job market, and some have to flee their homes because of threats.

In 2020, the coronavirus has brought yet more challenges. Most Christians are left out of government relief distribution programmes, and many have been unable to work due to the lockdown and have struggled to survive. But thanks to your support and prayers, Open Doors local partners have been able to provide vital aid and encouragement to these families. 

How can I help Christians in Nepal

Please keep praying for your brothers and sisters in Nepal. Your gifts and prayers make an enormous difference to those following Jesus no matter the cost.

Thanks to your prayers and gifts, Open Doors local partners were able to connect with Komal and help her to set up a small shop. The shop helps her earn much more for her family than she did through labouring, as well as being less physically exhausting. “Thank you so much for supporting me. Now I have become financially independent enough to support my family and I am also growing spiritually in Christ.”

please pray

Father God, please protect Your children in Nepal. We pray that You would provide Nepalese Christians with opportunities for work and community, and stem the tide of attacks by Hindu extremists. Particularly we ask for safety for Christian women and girls, who are often the most vulnerable.

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