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United Arab Emirates

World Watch ranking: 47
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President Khalifa bin Zayid Al-Nuhayyan

How Many Christians?
1,068,000 (11%)

Main Threats
  • Government oppression
  • Pressure from family
  • No freedom to worship

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How many Christians are there in the United Arab Emirates?

There are 1.1 million Christians living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making up 11 per cent of a total population of 9.7 million.

Why are Christians persecuted in the United Arab Emirates?

Islam dominates private and public life here, as well as political discourse in the kingdom. The country is ruled by a dynasty that exerts pressure on society and does not allow any dissent. Freedom of expression, freedom of press and freedom of association are restricted.

What’s life like for Christians in the United Arab Emirates?

Christian foreign workers are free to worship in private, but preaching, praying and evangelising in public are banned. Believers from a Muslim background endure the most persecution as they face pressure from family members and the local community to recant their Christian faith. This makes it almost impossible for converts to reveal their new faith.

How can I help Christians in the United Arab Emirates?

Please keep praying for your brothers and sisters in the UAE. Your gifts and prayers make an enormous difference to those following Jesus no matter the cost.

Open Doors supports the body of Christ on the Arabian Peninsula through organising prayer, distributing Scripture resources and training believers and pastors.

please pray

Lord Jesus, thank You that there is no earthly power that can restrict or hold back the Good News – please provide spiritual breakthroughs in the UAE that will allow the news of Your salvation and Your love to travel and spread and fill the hearts of citizens. Strengthen and encourage our brothers and sisters there to persevere despite the strict regime they live under.

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