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Step into the Secret Church – without leaving your home!

Where meeting together is dangerous, Christians gather under the cover of darkness: in caves, forests and cellars, under bridges and even in prison toilets. But wherever they meet – they find Jesus there.

Are you ready to join the Secret Church?

Secret Church is an interactive resource, which takes experiences from underground church meetings and translates them into a simple session outline for churches, small groups, youth groups and families.

In a secret church gathering, you might create a hiding place or sing a worship song in whispers. Maybe you’ll find yourself hurriedly having to hide the evidence of your faith or sharing communion with one another in the most unusual way.

North Africa Secret church

Secret Church: Online Edition

Specially designed for Skype or Zoom meetings.

Secret Church is a great way for people, not only to experience something of the life of the underground church, but also the presence of God. What’s more, with prayer, worship, Bible readings and communion, it can serve as a complete, interactive church service:

  • Activities specially designed to work on services like Zoom or Skype
  • Worship in whispers, learn scriptures in secret, pray for hidden believers
  • Read stories from secret Christians in places like North Africa, Eritrea, North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan
  • Deliver a full 60-minute session or mix and match activities to suit the time you have available
  • Optional extra session helps participants to reflect on their experience.

Download your free Leader’s Guide to Secret Church: Online Edition and Secret Church PowerPoint slides today

The Secret Church Experience: Children and Families


Sssh! Don’t tell anyone but in some countries, there are SECRET Christians. They hide their Bibles and gather secretly in small groups so that they won’t get into trouble.

What if you had to be secret about being a Christian. How secret could you be?

This activity-packed, interactive resource for use in the home is a great way to introduce children to the underground church, and encourage them to pray for secret Christians:

  • Interactive activities for families at home
  • Build a secret place to meet in and a secret place to hide your Bible
  • Hide everything that says you’re a Christian
  • Learn a Bible verse and hide it in your sock
  • Read a Bible story so secret it doesn’t mention Jesus
  • Help children engage with and prayer for secret believers.

Download your free Secret Church Experience: Children and Families session today.

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