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"I came to faith in a safe house in China after I escaped North Korea. You would be amazed to see how the Spirit is at work in these safe houses. So many people come to faith. That's only possible thanks to you. We wouldn’t even exist without your prayers."

Jae-Hwa*, North Korean believer - *name changed for security reasons

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Mojtaba Iran
Mojtaba spent years in one of Iran’s most notorious prisons, because he led a secret house church. But he has seen Jesus at work: "Persecution will take the gospel to places where nothing else can!"
Islem North Africa
Islem (22) is a secret believer from North Africa. She found out about Jesus through social media - and keeps her faith hidden from family. Social media discipleship is a life line to believers like Islem. 
Peninah Kenya
Peninah from Kenya is a single mum. Her husband was shot dead by militants near the Somali border - after refusing to renounce his faith in Jesus. Peninah was left on her own in need of church family to help.
Caleb Chinese
Caleb is a Chinese church leader experiencing increased state control and surveillance. In these times, Caleb needs to be nimble and innovative.
Eyal Eritrea
Eyal is an Eritrean underground church leader. Christian's have to worship in secret. When pastors are arrested, secret churches are often left without leaders. “No one, not even the government, can block the gospel.”
Aziz Uzbekistan
When Aziz became a Christian in Uzbekistan, he knew that he could be arrested or fined for taking part in ‘illegal’ religious activities. But the biggest threat came from his own family. 



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