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Children at home

Dive into our resources for your kids work or use with your family.

Children at home

Stuck at home with nothing to do with the kids? Wondering how to keep your children’s group going during the coming weeks? Dive into our children’s resources for hours of activities that could provide some serious fun!

On this page, you’ll find a regularly updated list of videos, stories and fun activities for children that will keep them busy while they’re at home and develop their understanding of Jesus’ secret underground church. Pick and mix to create hours and hours of serious fun!

The Secret Church Experience: Children and Families

Sssh! Don’t tell anyone but in some countries, there are SECRET Christians. They hide their Bibles and gather secretly so that they won’t get into trouble.

The Secret Church Experience is an activity-packed, interactive resource for use in the home and is a great way to introduce children to the world of the underground church. A companion resource is available for church small groups and Youth groups too.

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Children’s Prayer Passport - travel on the wings of prayer!

Wanting to get away for a bit? With this downloadable Prayer Passport, you can become a virtual traveller to the 50 countries on the Open Doors World Watch List. With plenty of pictures to colour in, and 50 prayers, why not pray one a day?

Find out more about the stories and statistics behind the prayers by exploring the World Watch List and ordering the World Watch List 2020 Map.

Watch Paul in prison - a real-life story of isolation from Eritrea

This is the story of Paul*, an Eritrean Christian who was arrested for his faith and spent ten years in prison. Watch the film and explore his story further by downloading the activity sheet Locked In! designed for children aged 5-1.1

*Name changed for security reasons


Watch Hami's story - a short animated film from Open Doors

Meet Hami* from Iran. His parents are secret Christians, why? Watch the film and explore Hami’s story further with the children in your family and in your church with a free session plan.

Explore Hami’s story

Is Hami Free? is a session designed for children aged 5-11 to help them think about freedom and persecution, how Christians are persecuted around the world, and how to support them. It can be used at church, school or home. As well as the session plan, there's a video and downloadable World Watch PowerPoint quiz.

*Names changed for security reasons

Download the session plan  Download the Quiz

Send a drawing to children in Iran

Iran has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Spread a little hope by sending a drawing to Iranian children. To find out how to order or check out the guidelines on our letter-writing guide pages.

Order Post-it!

Please note that this campaign will end on 1 September 2020.

Secret church colouring pages

Eight ready-to-use colouring pages with Bible verses and scenes from the lives of Christians who have to keep their faith hidden.


Make your own teeny-weeny booklet

Make your own little book about Nishan – a secret believer in a country where people are arrested for following Jesus. Then listen to his story.


Make your own secret house church

Your mission is to make a mini secret house church to help you pray for Christians in North Korea complete with toy figures and miniature pictures and Bibles!


I will fear no evil - Sri Lanka read along activity and colouring sheet

Dukashini and her family were affected by the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka in 2019. Read Psalm 23 with her and download our Sri Lanka colouring sheet featuring a Bible verse, prayer and fun activity.

Download Dukashini Psalm 23

Download Sri Lanka colouring sheet

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